Waymon Tatum Jr.

Waymon Tatum

Born and currently residing in Milwaukee, WI, Waymon Tatum Jr. is a traditionally self-taught drummer. With covering most genres of music, Tatum credits his openness to all music and “melting pot” playing to accompany each style, his way of maximizing true musicality. From blues, rock, r&b, alternative and everything in between, Waymon tends to stay busy around Wisconsin and abroad playing weekly and weekend shows, studio sessions and other projects.
He is a graduate of Milwaukee Area Technical College with an AAS in Music Occupations, where he studied under instructor and master drummer, Ben Hans. Waymon can been seen playing all over at some of Milwaukee’s biggest events such as this past summer at Summerfest, Jazz in the Park, State Fair and etc. Waymon holds the drums down live for Marcel Guyton’s Matrix, Christopher’s Project, Keepin It Clean Band, Ayinde Garry & the G-spot Trio, MATC’s Honor Trio and other Milwaukee area acts. Besides weekly gigs, he also does studio sessions, completing a project recently released by Max Devereaux called “How To Show Love”, available on Sound Cloud and Itunes. Tatum is currently working to complete his first solo project and a jazz instrumental album with fellow musician Ayinde Garry. In addition, he is a private drum instructor for a variety of students. He has also been privileged to perform with artist Naima Adedapo, a former finalist on American Idol and featured in the “New Blood” section of DRUM magazine (Sept. 2011)



Message to CANOPUS

I am elated to be a part of this wonderful drum company and family!! I have played many, many drum manufacturers over the years, but these drums are TRULY designed to be different!! Canopus provides legacy, superior craftsmanship and takes pride in their artists that I do not find in others. For these reasons, my signature sound is found in the Ash series. These drums are not only a work of art visually, but the sound is of no other. I play a lot of styles of music and the ash can cover anything! They give you the volume, punch, sensitivity, warmth, attack, clarity....I could keep going on and on but instead I encourage you to check them out and see for yourself. Also there is no snare like the Zelkova. There are no words to describe a snare drum of this caliber!! I’m sure you will be as happy to be a drummer as I am.

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