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Suthiti Chaisamut

Suthiti Chaisamut

Suthiti Chaisamut is a Thai drummer and music producer. He has been working professionally as a drummer for over 15 years. His live experience includes tours and performances with many Thai artists including: Performing at Big Mountain Music Festival, and many biggest name of music festivals in Thailand, to touring and playing with Better Weather, Ammy The Bottom Blues, Prem, Season Five, 2 Days Ago Kids (2008-2010), Stamp Apiwat (2008-2010), Mali (2004-2008), Etc. (2014) and many more.

The main part of his career has been involved with the recording industry and over the past 15 years or so he has recorded 102 top 183 albums for Thai and International artists including: Katie Raven (British Artist), Eulalie (French Artist), Boyd Kosiyabong, Pongpat Wachirabunjong (Legendary Artist), Nui Ampon (Legendary Artist), Stamp Apiwat, O-Pavee, Opor Praput, Season Five (Band), Singto Numchok, Trai Bhumiratna, Thee Chaiyadej, Fukking Hero, Bell Suphol, ETC. (Band), Better Weather (Band), Aof Pongsak, Lydia, Friday (Band), Nop Pornchumni, Pod Moderndog (Solo Project), V Violette Wautier, Room39, Pun Phaiboonkieat (Legendary Artist), SIN (ex. Singular), Be Peerapat, HUGO, Wan Thanakrit, Pijika, Jib Piyatida Amphan, Rose Sirinthip, Peter Corp Dyrendal, Tui Teerapat Sajakul, TOL Vonthongchai (Tol AF), Calories Blah Blah, KACHA Nontanun (KACHA AF8), Chart (The Voice Thailand), Tanont (The Voice Thailand), King (The Voice Thailand), Best Thitinan (The winner of The Voice Thailand 2015), Tao Sattaphong (TAO AF8), Nat Sakdatorn, Ball Jarulove, Write ‘n’ Roll Project by Nayti Pongputtakun, ZHEEZ (Band), HERS (Band), DAN Worawech, Juliet Balcony (Band), PANCAKE (Band), Death of a Salesman, Jerry Milindavanij (JerryBlueberry), 2 Days Ago Kids, ToR+ Saksit Vejsupaporn, MAC Sarun, Be Peerapat, BASKET BAND (Band), Playground (Band), Flavour (Band), Anything Else, Skykick Ranger, Link Corner (Band), Save Da Last Piece (Toang P.O.P.), Tonn Sofa, STUBBORN (Band), Nat Sakdathorn, James Ruangsak, The Four Fresh Prima Donnas (By Monotone group), Namfon Pakdee (Fon Monotone), Tui Kieatkamol (Tui AF), JOE (AF 2), Earn Piyada, Noey Senorita, Adamy’s film music, ALARM 9 (Band), Mali (Band), Kem Bhangananda, Pang Nutnicha (The Star), Nicky Achirayada, Than Machine, HERS (Band), PREM (Band), Win Ratanapol (ex. Potato’s Guitarist), Nine Naphat, Gun (The Star #6), Oat Pramote Pathan, Hot Mun Whan (Band), Best Natthasit, 25 Hours & Mild (Special project) ETC…. 82 of the albums reached the top 10. which have featured on various pop and rock charts in Thailand.



Message to CANOPUS

As a professional session & touring drummer (and also vintage drum collector), I have accumulated and have many classic snares from the age of nearly 100 years to the present-modern day snares. I used to looking for snare wires that work very well with the my drums at all times

After I had my favourite “The Maple” Snare 5 years ago, I was impressed at first with snare wires and started studying about the Vintage snare wires and used them under my snare

I dare say that I tried snare wires all the brands on this planet. And I proudly say that Canopus is a snare wires that I choose to live with all my drums. I love very Sensitive, balance, Crisp, clean in every note, every dynamic I play and the most different is, Canopus does not make the drum lose any good tone, very rich and full body in any tension from loose to tight I set. You may never bend down to see what I'm using. but I can say that my drum sound does not have any secrets. More than 600 drum tracks and songs I recorded. I use the right snare wires that respond to every details with Canopus snare wires

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The Maple Snare Drum

M-1465 Signal Green Ripple