Flat Base Snare Stand

Flat Base Snare Stand CSS-2F

Flat Base Snare Stand

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Flat Base Snare Stand
No. Size
CSS-2F When Folded : 13″ (330mm)

Weight : 2.2kg (4.85lb)

H ≒ 17″ ~24″ (430mm ~ 610mm)




Maximum compactness and portability

The flat-base snare stand was developed with compactness and portability as priorities.The basket angle adjustment is now gearless, making it even easier to use.Together with the Flat Base Cymbal Stand, it will help you carry them around with ease.The flat base is also convenient for setting up when used as a tom stand.

Flat Base Snare Stand
●Compact gearless mechanism
●13” (330mm) when folded
●Cushioned rubber sleeve
●When used as a tom stand

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