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Please read before you contact.

For our smooth procedure, please cooperate following items when you make an inquiry on our products or request an estimate by e-mail.
Our Quoted price is final for sales, and No discount is acceptable in principle.

In technical inquiry, there are some cases that may belong to business secret and we are unable to respond in such cases.

Basically, we can not respond to inquiry on price that is already displayed on website.

When you request an estimate, please put title “Request of Estimate” in your e-mail.

When you request an estimate, please make sure that you indicate your name and telephone number in the e-mail

Without it, we are unable to respond.

We can not respond if we can not identify your address (like inquiry from Internet Cafe)

When you use Microsoft’s Outlook Express, please don’t use HTML format mail.(We may be unable to read them)
We will respond as soon as possible. However, it is possible that we can not respond by e-mail due to any technical trouble.

If you cooperate above notes and you have not received our reply after 5 days, kindly please e-mail us again.

We find a quite few anonymous e-mails among so many inquiries we receive lately.

It’s especially nice of you to mention your full name when you send us e-mails.

We would appreciate you for your understanding and cooperation as we may not be able to respond for anonymous e-mails from now on.

Partner Opportunities

Canopus is looking for business partners, such as Artists, Teachers, Live Venues, Recording Studios, Music Schools and Backline Companies.
A special discount program is available – subject to certain conditions.
Please download application form you need, fill it out, and send it back by email or form below.


We are looking for drummers who
– are working as a professional musician.
– has CDs released on a recognised label.
– does a certain number of gigs in a year.

*Required documentation : Biography, Performance schedule for a 12 month period, CD, DVD.


We are looking for drummers who
– are working as teachers in a university music program or a music school.
– have a certain number of students

*Required document : Biography, Any certification/documentation as to teaching practice.


We are looking for venues which
– are operated as a venue for live performance for professional and/or amateur musicians.
– running a certain number of shows/performances every week.
– can utilise a Canopus kit as a main house drum kit.

*Required document : Company information, Performance schedule for a one year period.

Recording studios

We are looking for recording studios which
– are handling a certain number of recordings every week for professional and/or amateur musicians.
– can utilise a Canopus kit as a main house drum kit.

*Required document : Company information, documentation/samples of previous recordings/projects.

Music Schools

We are looking for music schools which
– have students majoring in drums – such as music schools, universities etc.
– Carry out lessons and/or events such as drum clinic on a regular basis.
– can utilise a Canopus kit as a main equipment on a regular basis in practice rooms, and as a main drum kit for any events/performances.

*Required document : Company information, evidence of past results/educational history.

Backline Companies

We are looking for backline companies who
– can provide a Canopus kit for professional and/or amateur musicians.
– supply a Canopus kit for Canopus artists on a priority basis with a special deal.

*Required document : Company information, record of prior results/business history.


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Sales Representatives Wanted in the USA

We are looking for sales representatives in the USA.
Please fill out a form below, or feel free to contact us by email.
We look forward to hearing from you!

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