Multi-Use Snare Stand

Multi Use Snare Stand CSS-HL

Multi-Use Snare Stand

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Multi-Use Snare Stand
No. Size
CSS-HL Total length when folded : 520mm

Weight : 2.6kg

H≒400mm ~ 740mm




Multi-Use Snare Stand for standing and seated playing Snare Stand

The CSS-HL is designed for both standing and seated playing, yet weighs only 2.6 kg. Players who used to prepare two stands, one for standing and the other for seated playing, can now have this one stand and be ready to play.It is an item of convenience that was not thought to be possible.

Multi Use Snare Stand CSS=HL

Multi Use Snare Stand CSS=HL
Multi Use Snare Stand CSS=HLWhen Folded
Multi Use Snare Stand CSS=HLLightweight gear type
Multi Use Snare Stand CSS=HL

Cushioned rubber sleeve

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