Speed Master Bearing

Make your kick pedal Faster!


Blazing Speed, incredible durability!

The Speed Star Bearing that swept the world in the early 1990s has returned! Light, smooth pedal movement with incredible durability can be yours by simply replacing the existing parts on certain pedals with our new Speed Star Bearings.

※All stainless steel (SUS304) construction for durability and dependable performance. ※Unmatched speed and sensitivity from our crank-spring screw and rocker-hub design.(SS-5000)

Rocker Hub: Stainless SUS304
Bearing: Stainless SUS304
Bearing Case: Stainless SUS304
Crank-Spring Screw: Stainless SUS304


DW9000 with Speed master bearing


Speed Star Bearing SS_5000
Speed Star Bearing SS-5000

DW5000 since 2000 (DW3000, DW6000, DW7000 and DW8000 with common hubs).


Speed Star Bearing SS-720
YAMAHA FP720, FP710, FP701, Camco, Pearl P-880,P-850 etc…
(Bearing mounting section need to be models which provide 4mm ISO standard.)


Speed Star Bearing SS-2000EL

Pearl Eliminator (P-2000 series)、 Demon (P-3000 series)


Speed Star Bearing SS-GRT
Speed Star Bearing SS-GRT

Gibraltar 9611, 6611


Speed Star Bearing SS-900IC
Speed Star Bearing SS-900IC

TAMA Iron Cobra


Speed Star Bearing SS-9500
Speed Star Bearing SS-9500

YAMAHA FP9500, FP8500


Speed Star Bearing SS-V5000
Speed Star Bearing SS-V5000

DW5000 before 2000


Speed Star Bearing SS-PBJJ
Speed Star Bearing SS-PBJJ



Speed Star Bearing SS-9310FD
Speed Star Bearing SS-9310FD
YAMAHA FP9310, Flying Dragon


Speed Star Bearing SS-35B
Speed Star Bearing SS-35B
Exclusive Use for 2011 Reproduction Camco “HP 35B”

I have to say, I purchased two of these Speed Star bearings, the first two or three years ago. It it because I have two Sonor Jojo Mayer Perfect Balance pedals, so I needed two Speed Star Bearings. I could feel the difference before mounting the second one last week.


Brad Schlueter / writer, reviewer or product tester

If you were told there was an inexpensive way to improve the action of your bass drum pedal, you might be a little skeptical. Canopus offers just such a product called the Speed Star Bearing. The product is an add-on bearing/rocker hub that goes between the spring assembly and the pedal. By adding another set of bearings at that point, the Speed Star Bearing reduces the friction between those two parts, increasing the smoothness of your pedal’s action.

Brad Schlueter / writer, reviewer or product tester
If you were told there was an inexpensive way to improve the action of your bass drum pedal, you might be a little skeptical. Canopus offers just such a product called the Speed Star Bearing. The product is an add-on bearing/rocker hub that goes between the spring assembly and the pedal. By adding another set of bearings at that point, the Speed Star Bearing reduces the friction between those two parts, increasing the smoothness of your pedal’s action.

I was able to test it out on a pair of pedals. Note that there different models of Speed Star bearings for specific pedals, so you’ll need to check which model fits on yours. On my Iron Cobras, installation of the bearing (SS-900 IC) was easy. There’s a simple set of instructions with photos to make the process quick. It took just a few minutes to install the unit. My IC’s already felt good to play and are in great shape overall, so I wasn’t expecting to see much difference.

Before the installation of the Speed Star Bearings, when using my finger to pull the beater parallel with the floor and release it, my Iron Cobra would move forward and backward about 16 times on average. After the installation of the bearing it increased to 17-19 times. So the unit seemed to improve the response somewhere between 6% and 18.75%. If you play bass drum intensive music, like metal, that can be significant. All my pedals are relatively new and all are of high quality, but if you’re playing an older pedal that has seen better days or an inexpensive bass drum pedal, you could expect even greater improvement than what I found.

I also experimented and received similar results when using the model designed for my Pearl Eliminator pedal.
If you’ve thought of getting new pedal the Speed Star Bearing might save you the expense of upgrading to a new pedal.
If like your current ones, but want to get a little more out of them, these might be just the thing to help. Best of all they’re a very affordable upgrade that improves the ease with which you play.


Max Klots
Max Klots

When I first tried Canopus Speed Star ball bearing with my Yamaha Flying Dragon, I was really impressed! I mean, if you feel an instant improvement in the instrument you've been happily using for the last 15 years, isn't it something?!

Rolf Pilve
Rolf Pilve (Stratovarius)

SS-2000EL (on Pearl Elliminator)
Speed star bearing really made a difference on my Pearl Eliminators. I really enjoy the extra smoothness, speed and sensitivity that Speed Star Bearing gives me on my old good Eliminators!

Tutty Moreno
Tutty Moreno (Joyce)

SS-5000 (on DW5000)
“Wow! Speed Star Bearing from Canopus is really a revolution. I tried it and immediately went back to using my DW 5000 pedal, which I had already forgotten about. Once more I would like to congratulate and thank Canopus for that.”

Matt Kane
Matt Kane

The innovative Canopus Speed Star Bearing
I love my bass drum pedals from the 80s and the innovative Canopus Speed Star made them feel better than ever. Less resistance gives the pedal a free and swinging action that is quiet, smooth, and powerful. The Speed Star made a dramatic difference in the action of my vintage pedals. Canopus continues to re-invent the most subtle of details that enhance the feel, tone and musicality of the drums. Products like the Bolt-Tight washers and the Speed Star Bearing are imaginative improvements that you can feel and hear!

Chad Elrod
Chad Elrod / Seattle Drum School of Music / Recording Artist

I put one on my backup DW 7000 and it doesn't feel like my backup anymore. Plays like a top end pedal! Much needed improvement over factory standard parts, completely night and day! Can't wait to order one for my Pearl Eliminator.

Dave Mattacks
Dave Mattacks

the canopus speed star bearing is an excellent product ;
if you're happy with your bass drum pedal , you'll be happier after installation -
it really improves the action & feel .

Matt Starr

SS-5000 (on DW 5000)

The Speed Star Bearing made and noticeable improvement to the smoothness, speed and consistency throughout the stroke on my DW 5000 pedal. Looking forward to working with it some more!

Jess Birch (Steve Maxwell NY)

The Speed Star Bearing improved the power and precision of my Camco pedal. It is more responsive and has a smoother action. Thanks Canopus!

Mike Baird

SS-5000 (on DW5000)
The Speed Star Bearing is a must for anyone using a DW 5000 pedal. The improvement in feel and response is huge. WOW!

Leon Ndugu Chancler

The Canopus speed star bearing smooths out the motion of the bass drum pedal so it feels effortless.

Ulysses Owens Jr.


The Speed Star is such a simple yet complex mechanism that can transform your pedal from ordinary to extraordinary, aiding you in being able to have more facility musically on the instrument.

Andrew Dickeson
Andrew Dickson

I SERIOUSLY recommend all drummers check out the Speed Star Bearing. I've had one on my Pearl Eliminator for the last month - the improvement is AMAZING!
The pedal, which already felt good, was instantly smoother and easier to play. I can play faster and with more control and sensitivity.
It's hard to believe such a small change, which is so simple to do, would make such a profound difference.

Shane Kinney (Drum Center of Portsmouth)

Bicyclists, car enthusiasts, and many others enhance their stock gear with performance enhancing parts. Canopus has brought that to bass drum pedals.
The Speed Star bearing will make your stock pedal fly!

Ian Croft (Editor of iDrum Magazine)

I fitted the Speed Bearing to my Yamaha FP570 and it has made a remarkable difference to both the action and the response - far beyond my expectations I should add.

Michael Tocker (Daddy's Junky Music)

I am old school and generally don't go for new fangled drum and hardware gadgets. The Canopus Speed Star Bearing is very cool though, After a few minutes of easy installation, my reliable DW 5000 Pedal was magically transformed into a very smooth and fast pedal. The feel is changed greatly as there is more consistency in the back and forth foot-board and beater motion. Some might even say that it plays like butter. This seemingly small attachment, makes a big difference.

Jim Rupp (Columbus Percussion)

The Canopus Speed Star Bearing took my classic, reliable DW pedal and made it even better. One simple to install part took a great feeling pedal, and made it even smoother and faster. I was amazed at the difference.

Dana Bentley (Bentley's Drum Shop)

Speed Star bearing is smother and faster than the factory one.

Hong (Chanutr Techatana-nan)

I tried my DW6000 pedal with new bearing tonight at my gig, the action was so smooth with more speed yet still provide very natural response. I'm very happy with this:)

John Ferraro

SS-5000 (on DW 5000)
I love the speed star bearing on my DW pedal, it is a much smoother feel with power and control, A MUST HAVE, ENJOY.

Jotan Afanador (Aventura)

SS-5000 (on DW5000)
Smooth Action & Powerful Lighting Speed

Carmine Appice

SS-5000 (on DW 5000)
It is smooth with good fast action..very cool,

Mick Frangou
Mick Frangou

When I tried out my pedal on my kick drum with the Speed Star bearing I realised the return was significantly faster than with the pedal's original factory fitted bearing, almost too fast.
I like a very light spring tension on my pedals and, at first, it was difficult to get the spring light enough for my technique, but after I adjusted the beater angle slightly this issue was rectified, in fact the tension was lighter then with my original bearing and the fast Speed Star bearing's return was still intact.
My double, triple and 8th and 16th note kick drum strokes are faster and easier to execute with the new bearing.
A great bass drum pedal upgrade.

Anthony Michelli
Anthony Michelli

I just installed Canopus' Speed Star Bearing on my Sonor Perfect Balance pedal. It makes this already amazing pedal even smoother, faster and effortless to play on. Excellent!