YAIBA II Maple Snare Drum

YAIBA Maple Snare Drum

YAIBA II Maple Snare Drum

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JSM-1455 (14"x5.5")
JSM-1465 (14"x6.5")
Yaiba Lug
2.3mm Power Hoop / 8H
Vintage Snare Wire
All Maple 6ply
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Although the Yaiba II drum set was originally sold with a snare drum, Canopus started producing the Yaiba snare drums individually because of high demand from drummers.Canopus adopted the use of forced-hardening lacquer instead of nitrocellulose lacquer for a solid and powerful sound, and has managed to create a sound which contrasts and complements the other Canopus high end series.

YAIBA Snare Drum Rose SparkleRose SP LQ
YAIBA Dark Wine Red Matt LQDark Wine Red Matt LQ
YAIBA Indigo Matt LQIndigo Matt LQ
YAIBA Antique Natural Matt LQAntique Natural Matt LQ
YAIBA Antique Brown Matt LQYAIBA Antique Brown Matt LQ
YAIBA Antique Ebony Matt LQYAIBA Antique Ebony Matt LQ

2018 Color (Available while stocks last)

刃メイプルスネアドラムYaiba Gray SP LQ
刃メイプルスネアドラムDark Red SP LQ
刃メイプルスネアドラムEbony Gloss LQ
Antique Amber Matt LQ
JSB-1455 Ice Black Sparkle LQIce Black SP LQ
刃メイプル JSB-1465 Ice White Sparkle LQIce White SP LQ

刃メイプルスネアドラムMatt White LQ

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