Mel Taylor Snare Drum

MMT-1455 / MMT-1465

Mel Taylor Signature Snare Drum

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MMT-1455 14"x5.5" BUY NOW
MMT-1465 14"x6.5" BUY NOW
Die-Cast / 8
Vintage Snare Wire
8ply American Maple
SIlver Sparkle

Mel Taylor Signature Snare Drum

This is a signature snare drum arranged to the tastes of Mel Taylor and based on the sound of vintage Gretsch snares. We have applied our specific edge shaping on an all-maple shell to produce this amazing sounding instrument.

The snare features a pleasant rim shot, short sustain and light sound projection. Now all drummers can enjoy playing the exact, same Canopus snare that Mel loved so much.

メル・テイラー Mel Taylor
“It is the best snare drum that I have ever used. The tone quality is great, the hardware is excellent. Not only is the tone great, but it has a lot of volume, and is clean & clear. I used it for the first time this month in the studio, and everyone remarked how great it sounded. ”

※ The above is a recommendation letter on this snare drum written by Mr.Mel Taylor when he was here for their Japan Tour in 1993. ※ A warranty certificate of Snare drum carries with an autograph of Mr.Mel Taylor himself (copy) and a genuine autograph of Mrs. Fiona Taylor.

Mel Taylor Signature Stick

Mel Taylor Signature Stick

Mel Taylor Signature Stick
No. Name Size
MST The Ventures Mel Taylor Model 15 x 406mm

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