Flat Base Cymbal Stand




フラットベースシンバルスタンド CCS-1F

Flat Base Cymbal Stand

Our original cymbal stand has a simple design with vintage taste. Specially designed leg structure allows for effective cymbal setting and stable fixture, unlike other stands in this category. Joints are covered with nylon bushes for extra strength and protection for all locking parts. This stand is very light weight and compact when folded up.

Flat Base Cymbal Stand CCS-1F
Flat Base Cymbal Stand CCS-1F
Flat Base Cymbal Stand CCS-1F
Flat Base Cymbal Stand
No. Size
CCS-1F Weight: 1.4kg (3.08lb)
Tube dia. φ19mm/16mm/13mm
Stored Length : 530mm (20.86”)
CCSP-TL Tilter section
CCSP-P1 Upper arm
CCSP-P2 Middle pipe
CCSP-LG Rubber pad for a leg
CCSP-WN Wing nut for CCS
CCSP-FL Felt for tilter section
CCSP-CT Tube for tilter section
CCSP-TLW Washer for tilter section

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Billy Martin
Billy Martin

I am always looking for quality light-weight hardware and Canopus really does it right.

Dean Schweiger
Dean Schweiger

I have been using all Canopus hardware for years and can not speak highly enough about how well they have served me on my tour. At almost every show I receive high praise, comments, and questions on the Canopus hardware I use in my set up.