Hybrid Cymbal Boom Stand




Improved balance of aluminum and steel.
Now with gearless tilter mechanism.

Less than 2/3 the weight

※compared with conventional products

2/3 weight reduction is phenomenal considering it is common practice to use multiple cymbal stands.

Real cymbal sound reproduction

One of the roles of a cymbal stand is to resonate with the cymbal. At the same time, it is an important factor not to block off any overtones. It is rather difficult for aluminum to transfer vibration, but we have solved it by heat-treating the material. This cleared the overtone issue and weight as well after applying steel at the right places.

Ensure stability by lowering gravity center

Gravity center of weight trimmed cymbal stand tends to show near the cymbal.
Therefore, it is so designed to lower the gravity center by opening its legs wider.

Weight= 3.1kg (6.83lb)

Weight of commonly used stand of a similar type = 4.8kg (10.58lb)

Hybrid Cymbal Boom Stand CBS2-2HY

In a well-balanced stand, the weight of the stand increases toward the bottom. However, we faced a contradiction when trying to use steel material, which transfers vibration better than aluminium, near the actual cymbal itself.

Our unconventional stand utilizes a lower center of gravity – hence the bottom of the center pipe of the stand gets very close to the floor to provide better balance to the stand.
With minor changes in 2017, we changed the joint part from zinc die cast to aluminum and also from aluminum pipe to steel pipe. Thus we managed to maintain the light weight, but greatly improved the sound and balance of the stand.

Hybrid Cymbal Boom Stand CBS2-2HY
Adopted Steel material to have more vibration from a cymbal
Hybrid Cymbal Boom Stand CBS2-2HY
Changed the joint part from zinc die cast to aluminum
Gearless Tiler Mechanism
Gearless Tiler Mechanism
Hybrid Cymbal Boom Stand Leg
Adopted aluminum on double braced legs.
Hybrid Cymbal Boom Stand CBS2-2HY
It can be put vertically inside the stand
Hybrid Cymbal Boom Stand CBS2-2HY
The bottom of the center pipe of the stand gets very close to the follow to provide better bale to the stand.
Hybrid Cymbal Boom Stand CBS2-2HY
2/3 weight reduction.
Weight : 3.1kg (6.8lb)

Why does it have to be Hybrid?

Have you ever noticed that cymbal sound and drum sound varies depending on the hardware?
As a matter of fact, the combination of components and materials used has a huge impact on the sound.
When the primary purpose is solely to develop a light-weight stand, the ideal material would be aluminum. We developed our hardware with this idea in mind. However as we did further development, we recognized that aluminum has an obvious advantage in terms of weight, but because it is a harder material than steel, its characteristic is that it transfers less vibration than steel.
Under normal circumstances, the main purpose of hardware is to support a musical instrument, but it is also important for hardware to bring out the best of each instrument by resonating with their vibration.
Several years of research went into the development of our solution of these issues.
Firstly we improved the hardness of aluminum components by applying “heat treatment”. Furthermore, we adopted steel as a material to be used where unresolved vibrations required it.
This is how the “Hybrid Hardware Series” was developed – “heavy duty” style hardware with a combination of aluminum and steel that doesn’t degrade the sound and is also light-weight.
On first appearances the series may appear a little bulky, but once you pick them up, you will certainly be surprised by their lightness.


Center Staging
Dustin Perle | Drum Dept. Manager (CenterStaging)

The average cymbal stand weighs around 13 lbs, and the Canopus Hybrid weighs only 8 lbs (closer to 7). This hardware is very smart, and very sharp looking. The drum throne is also very classy. Almost feels like an office chair, more than the typical vinyl throne.

Jonathon Peretz
Jonathon Peretz

Strong but not too heavy. Definitely lighter than stands of equal size and strength. Very easy to adjust and tighten.

Ian Froman
Ian Froman

The stands are great - so light - but so sturdy