LIght Weight Hi-Hat Stand


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ハイハットスタンド CHS-1

Light weight Hi-Hat Stand

Light weight hardware often gives the impression that it is cheap, not functional or durable enough. The Canopus lightweight hardware was engineered to provide effective function and durability for professional use, utilizing space age concepts that enhance performance.

ハイハットスタンド CHS-1 機能
1- With minimal pipe diameter and minimum leg width, the total weight is only 2.8Kg.
2- Rotation mechanism at leg, which allows enough space for double pedal setting
3- With Spring Adjustment Function
4- A bearing has been adopted at the contact point of chain and shaft to ensure smoother movement.
5- With anchor for reliable pedal fixture.
6- New mechanism to prevent unwanted movement at hinge

CHS-1 Tilter
Hihat Cup for Vintage Cymbals
Light Weight Hi-Hat Stand
No. Size
CHS-1 Weight: 2.8kg (6.17lb)
H≒740mm~870mm (29.13″~34.25″)
Tube dia. φ19mm/16mm
CHSP-LG Rubber pad for a leg
CHSP-CL Hi hat clutch kit
CHSP-CLFE Felt for clutch / 1pc
CHSP-BFL Bottom felt / 1 pcs

The purpose for the use of the accessories come with CHS-1

<Hexagonal Allen Wrench>

Please use the wrench to take off the chain from the foot board if necessary.

*there is a hexagonal screw underneath the food board.

<Hexagonal Nut>

Please use it to tighten the center shaft.

How to Use : Put the nut at the end of top part of the shaft and then connect the top part to the bottom part and tighten the nut for more tightness if needed.

Note : If you try to unscrew the shaft after installing the nut,
the nut might be tightened too much and the very bottom part of the shaft might be unscrewed and the chain part might come off.

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Billy Martin
Billy Martin

I am always looking for quality light-weight hardware and Canopus really does it right.

Tutty Moreno
Tutty Moreno(Joyce)

For a drummer who travels and tours all the time, it's great and comfortable to have hardware as light as this. Canopus made this with real grace, a beautiful design and functionality. I can definitely say that Canopus is the future-today.