Noé Sécula Trio, Felipe Silva Mena Trio, Inner Landscape, and freelance drummer.

Adrien Bernet

Born in 1998 in Moulins (France), Adrien started playing drums at the age of 4 in the HSMA (Hohner Sonor Music Academy) schools. He quickly developed a passion for this instrument and participated in competitions organised by the HSMA schools. He regularly wins first prizes in regional and national finals (2008 to 2017).
In parallel to his drumming, Adrien learns classical piano. This teaching brings him many notions of harmonic musical theories, in addition to his drummer training. The combination of these two teachings gradually gave him a complete vision of music.
Having the ambition since his early childhood to become a professional drummer, Adrien decided to leave home to enter the Conservatory in the field of Jazz. At the age of 15, he entered the Dijon Conservatory in Jazz Drumming, while at the same time taking a little-know artistic training in high school, called BAC Technique de la Musique et de la Danse (TMD). This new life, totally immersed in the musical world, quickly made him understand that jazz is his favorite style. His jazz culture is made through listening to Brad Mehldau Trio, Bill Evans Trio, Keith Jarrett Trio, John Coltrane… He quickly built his own musical identity by listening to others and developing a very colourful, fluid and musical style.
In 2016, Adrien arrived in Lyon and entered the Ecole Nationale de Musique de Villeurbanne, where he obtained his DEM Jazz in 2019.

He recorded his first album with the Noé Sécula Trio, which was released in 2020 under the name “Eternity In Human Flesh” on the CJazzLab label. This album is recorded as a trio + string quartet, which allows the young drummer to push his colourful and musical playing even further, in the service of a music strongly inspired by classical culture. The trio won the “Coup de Coeur du Jury” award at the 2019 JazzContreBand springboard. The trio is also a finalist in the Jazz à Vienne 2021 competition.
Adrien is currently performing in concert with his various projects, and as a sideman. He will be recording several albums in 2022. He has also joined many projects in the making, for more and more new music.







Message to CANOPUS

Zelkova Snare Drum :
The zelkova snare is just amazing.
The sound is extremely accurate, with a very wide range of nuance. I can't describe whether it's a warm or cold sound because it's a tone I've never heard on an existing snare. The settings are vast, allowing me to use it for both jazz (my predominant style) and metal. In addition, it holds the tuning at 200%.
Finally, regarding the finish and the physics of this snare, it is a real work of art. If you open it, it smells like wood, but not just any wood. And not the wood you're used to smelling after it's been turned. It's a special smell that brings a very special charm to the instrument. And when you touch the exposed part, you can feel the ribs of the trunk that are still there. This keeps the tree looking very natural.
Frankly, it's a jewel, one of the most beautiful instruments I've ever had in my hands.


NV60-M1 Drum Kit :
This drum kit is for me the best a jazz drummer can have (although I also use it for more extreme music, and it sounds crazy!!!).
There is an easy tuning. Being very fussy about sound and harmonics, I am very happy with the sounds I get out of this drum set.
The sound is warm, round and precise. Honestly, this drum kit sings.
There is a texture to the sound that I can't describe. This texture, so precise and different from other brands, comes from the fact that this drum kit is 100% handmade, with an incredible quality of finish. The sound is totally natural. Everything is done to make the fittings as soft as possible, to let the wood breathe.
Finally, the mixture of the two woods provides a color that improves the harmonics.


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Neo Vintage NV60-M1

Sky Blue Pearl
20 x 14 BD
18 x 14 BD
12 x 8 TT
13 x 9 TT
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