Limited30 Block Rose Wood Snare Drum

Limited30 Block Rose Wood Snare Drum


L30-1455 RW-BL (14"x5.5")
Die-Cast / 8
Vintage Snare Wire
Block assembly Rose Wood 12mm
Natural Oil

This product has been discontinued.



By piling up rosewood blocks of 12mm thickness, 135mm width and 21mm height, we made pure sound out of quasi single veneer material come true by minimizing the amount of adhesive as compared to that of normal veneer shell. The thickness of the drum shell realized by the block method can be said an ideal snare drum for those drummers who seek for pesante on top of the sound of single veneer snare drum, blessed with both advantages of single veneer and plywood.We have created superb ” Block Snare Sound” by blending distinctive mellow sound of rosewood and solid sound of thicker drum shell.Such feeling of “drum shell do not resound “ which is all too common with thick drum shell has been resolved by giving.Canopus’ precise bearing edge technique which is appropriate for the shell construction.You may feel as if the tip of stick grow one size bigger for each particle of sound become longer, therefore, we can say this is the most suitable snare drum for those who want to feel clear-cut outline.We proudly announce the release of the state of art snare drum by block method, craftsmanship coupled with appearance for the limited quantities.