Limited30 Glass Fiber Snare Drum


L30-1465GF (14"x6.5")
Diecast / 8
Back Beat Snare Wire (CPSS-BB14NP)
Glass Fiber

This product has been discontinued.

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リミテッド30 グラスファイバー・スネアドラム

Low end combined with fast response.

Thinner shell with increased durability

Up to now, a fibre glass shell has normally been a combination of resin and glass fibers. Such shells have needed to be of a certain thickness in order to provide sufficient durability. The result was that it needed to be played powerfully to make a sound, and that the sound tended to be rather “solid”.The shell of the L30-1465GF is made out of a sheet that is braided with glass fiber, which has enabled us to reduce the shell thickness to just 1.5mm.To differentiate this remarkable instrument from other “fiberglass” snare drums, we have named it “Glass Fiber”.The unique beauty of its braided pattern is a notable characteristic of this snare drum.

リミテッド30 グラスファイバー・スネアドラム
リミテッド30 グラスファイバー・スネアドラム

This drum expresses a rich depth of tone with exceptional playability

Canopus has achieved a perfect balance of 8 lugs, die cast hoops and a unique edge shape – providing an exceptional balance of power and a variety of sound possibilities. The configuration of this snare drum provides not only solid sound, but also a rich depth of tone.This drum’s fundamental sound characteristic is that the center of balance is in the lower frequency range – allowing players to enjoy a clearly defined low end, even when playing lightly.

リミテッド30 グラスファイバー・スネアドラム
リミテッド30 グラスファイバー・スネアドラム
リミテッド30 グラスファイバー・スネアドラム
リミテッド30 グラスファイバー・スネアドラム