Brad Schlueter / writer, reviewer or product tester

Drummers are always struggling to keep their drums in tune. Canopus’ Bolt Tight Washers are handy and very affordable items that you may find useful when gigging. These washers don’t replace the washer on your drum, but are designed to “sandwich” around it, with one Bolt Tight washer below and above your original washer, to help keep your drum from detuning. These washers have a shiny black side and a duller gray side, and the black side faces towards the rim. These compress a bit when the drum is tuned, and appear apply some opposing force to help hold your drum in tune. On my drum, I didn’t notice it detune during this review. Note that if your drum’s tension rods barely reach the lug, you may need to use one Bolt Tight washer.

Bolt Washers also are designed to help enhance your drum’s tone. I was a little skeptical about their sonic effects before trying them, but I placed a set on a floor tom, and they did seem to help the drum sustain a little more. Nice!