Brad Schlueter / writer, reviewer or product tester

If you’re a heavy hitter, Canopus has an inexpensive new product called Red Lock (CTL-4) that’s designed to work along with Bolt Washers to stop your drum from detuning. Playing rim shots repeatedly can cause your tension screws to gradually loosen, making the drum drop in pitch and eventually cause sluggish stick action. Installation is quick and painless. Simply slip the tension rod through the rim and thread the Red Lock onto it before screwing it into the lug. Once your drum is tuned, turn the Red Lock so that it applies pressure against the lug. This will keep the tension screw from turning and detuning. The package contains four Red Locks, which are intended to be placed on the lugs nearest you. I put them on my snares closest four lugs and they held my drum in tune. I’m not the world’s loudest drummer, but I appreciated not having to retune my drum between sets. These would be useful for any hard rock or metal drummer who’s tired of tweaking their snare throughout a gig. Of course, they’re affordable so you can use them on every drum on your kit if you like.