Svend Renkenberger

Svend Renkenberger

Svend Renkenberger was born 1966 and grew up in a musical family. His vather, a bandleader and bassplayer, gave him the first lessons on the drums at the age of 5 years. Since that time, he played and studied drums with many professional musicians and at the Modern Drum School. Masterclasses a.o.t. with Joey Herredia, Wolfgang Basler, Dave Weckl a.m.m. He performed and recorded with various artists in the Rock-, Pop- & Jazz sectors such as Dave Longley, Tina Safrany, Vanessa Gentile and with his own bands and projects. Together with the Sandpainter Chris Kaiser he’s performing the art projects [SP]Ursprung and “Remote Control”. He lives as a freelancer, producer & composer – allways on a trip for new experiences and challenges, he designed many crossover-art-perfomances with visual artists, poets or creatives.




Message to CANOPUS

What the team of Canopus has created, is truly spectacular! The philosophy, the love and the work is up to the smallest detail - to see, to hear and to feel! "I love those drums!
It gives the best musical expression of my creativity!!" Big Applause to the entire Canopus Team!


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