Road Apples

Scott Moorhouse

Scott Moorhouse is a long-time drummer and has been a member of Road Apples, Canada’s premier tribute to The Tragically Hip, since 2019. Scott grew up in a musical household and began drumming as a child. This longevity has allowed Scott to develop a broad skillset across numerous genres, most notably rock and folk. Prior to Road Apples, Scott has played with a number of bands and artists including Fall of Knowledge, A Bigger Hammer, and Matt Hughes.





Message to CANOPUS

Product (Snare Drum) : Zelkova
The Zelkova is the most incredible snare drum I've ever played. It's incredibly sensitive and articulate while offering a warm, powerful low-end with ample projection. There's really nothing else like it on the market today.


Product (Drum Kit): RFM
I absolutely love my RFM kit! This kit is the perfect rock tone with deep and thumping bottom-end while offering a wide tuning range. I'm also shocked at how light the shells are without losing projection.

Products in use


22x15 BD
13x9 TT
16x15 FT