Rodrigo Bonelli

Originally from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, Rodrigo Bonelli relocated to the United States to further his musical studies. After working as a freelance musician in New England for several years, Rodrigo moved to New York City, where he currently resides.
Known for his impeccable groove, sophisticated taste, and stylistic versatility, Rodrigo maintains a busy performing and recording schedule. He has performed extensively in The United States, Brazil, Scotland, Germany and Switzerland. Rodrigo has worked in diverse musical situations with artists from a wide variety of styles. He is privileged to have played with such renowned musicians as Don Friedman, Ron McClure, George Garzone, Claudio Roditi, trumpeter Guilherme Dias Gomes and Saxophonist Marcelo Martins.

His drumming is best represented on Joe Wagner’s “Silver Lining” (2018), Guilherme Dias Gomes’ “Leste Brasil” (2016), and Sidecar Agogo’s “Frog Soup” (2019). His original music can be heard on Brasil Trio + 1’s “Brooklyn Sessions” (2019) and “Septet Works” (2015).




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Product (Snare Drum) : NV60-M1
The Canopus NV60-M1 snare drum is the most responsive drum I have ever played. Using sticks, brushes, or mallets, it enhances every nuance of my playing, at every dynamic level. This drum represents versatility at its best.


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NV60-M1 Snare Drum

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