Nick Rich

Nick Rich started playing drums almost before he could walk. The only grandchild of music icon, Buddy Rich, he was given his first set drum set from Remo Belli (REMO), at the age of eighteen months old, and played his first gig at 2 years old on his grandfather’s lap at Disneyland. From that moment on, Nick has been an unstoppable force in the drumming world.

Nick is sponsored by the greatest drum companies in the world. Sabian cymbals, Vic Firth drumsticks, Aquarian drum heads, Drum Prax, Full Circle,DW pedals and Dream Earz in ear monitors. At age 14, Nick began his studies with the alternative drumming icon, Travis Barker (Blink 182, The Transplants, Plus 44) who developed Nick’s rudimental and marching chops. At 17, Nick studied with the fusion great, Dave Weckl (Chick Corea, The Dave Weckl Band), who completely changed his approach to the drums. Dave showed Nick a new approach to the drums, from the grip, to the comfortable setup of the drum set. Today, Nick is a teacher, studio musician, and touring drummer, who has developed his own style and sound in a way that is unmistakable when hearing him.

Nick fell in love with Canopus drums the very first time he ever played them. It was at the first annual Las Vegas Drum Show and it was “love at first touch”.
We believe at Canopus the consistent and perfect resonance of the drums, the detail and hands on craftsmanship, and the variety of tones and attack of the snare drums is what made Nick a Canopus believer”!
“The drums blew me away from the first time I sat down on a Canopus set. The rare and exotic shells offer a sound that is one of a kind and honestly competitive with the top drum manufacturers. This is a boutique company and caters to the drummer’s drummer.
The overall tonality and warmth that sing off of these drums was so refreshing to hear. With Canopus, the drums literally speak for themselves!”




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