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Gabriel Doñate Jr

Gabriel Doñate Jr is an up and coming drummer with a penchant for exhibiting infectious grooves and providing a strong backbone to any band. Born in Huntington Park, California and raised in Paramount, he has always been surrounded by the Regional Mexican music genre. Inspired by internationally acclaimed drumming legends, Gabriel’s music journey began at the tender age of 13.

The drummer is currently pursuing his bachelor’s degree in drum performance, which includes a minor in music business at Musicians Institute in Hollywood. He has been mentored by industry greats like Fred Dinkins, Albe Bonacci, and Richie Gajate Garcia. Though still relatively young, the drummer has already worked with multiple international artists including Omar Ruiz, Regulo Caro, Adriel Favela, Los Hermanos Higuera, Arsenal Efectivo and many more. Gabriel is also a proficient songwriter with multiple singles over 10 million views on Youtube as well as 12 million streams on Spotify. With big dreams and plenty of energy to spare, Gabriel Doñate Jr seeks to positively influence society with music, and is well on his way to becoming one of the most phenomenal musicians in our generation.




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Product (Snare Drum) : YAIBA II Birch
When playing on my Yaiba Birch snare for the first time I noticed so much detail and precision coming out of my snare. It was a great change of sound compared to any other snare I have owned. Adding wood hoops to my Yaiba II snare helped add the warmth I needed for my own unique sound showing the dexterity they can offer.


Product (Drum Kit): YAIBA II Groove Kit
The first time I heard the Yaiba II Groove Kit was at Musicians Institute. I was immediately invested with the clear sound and punchiness that came off the kit. I knew this was my sound and I had to own one. I was so surprised how affordable these prestigious drums were that I think everyone should own one.


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Groove Kit
Yaiba Birch Snare Drum with Wood Hoops
Yaiba Gray Sparkle Lacquer