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Mike Machine

Canadian native Mike “Machine” Mallais began playing drums at the age of two, thanks to the influence of his parents who are also musicians. By the age of four, Mallais began using his grandmother’s knitting pins and his father’s screwdrivers on anything that would make sound. At the age of five, this future protégé would finally obtain his first real drum kit which was made by Premier Drums. That same year Mallais was introduced to the heavy metal genre and things rapidly progressed from there. Following graduating high school Mallais’ career took off in an unprecedented fashion as he not only grew strong on the drum kit but also became affluent on the electric guitar and bass. Mallais then began a tireless career which has included countless live performances with multiple radio and television appearances on such prominent stations such as CBC, CTV, ATV, APTN, and, MTV, to name a few.  Mallais has in fact performed and/or recorded with Hundreds of bands, such as Serpents Kiss, Garrett, Mosquito, Dana Mcleod, The Red Ochre Band, Black Frost, Dizzy G, and, Rockabilly Rednecks, in addition to many others.

While performing and/or recording, Mallais is also an accomplished and sought-after full time teacher who has been featured on many major teaching platforms and he has been recognized for his teaching skills by Modern Drummer. As an up and coming performer himself, Mallais had also studied in Cuba, Mexico and America.

In addition to all the above, Mallais is also known for being the “Undefeated World Champion of Double Bass Single Stroke Speed” (www.extremesportdrumming.com) and he has also set other various drumming hand and foot speed records.