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Julio Falavigna

Canopus snare drum endorser Julio Falavigna is a talented drummer and percussionist. Born in Southern Brazil, Julio (while still in his teenage years) relocated to London where he studied with English drummer John Shearer. Subsequently, Falavigna returned to Brazil where he performed with popular local artists such as Nei Lisboa and Duca Leindecker. Julio’s travels then took him to New York City where he studied at the Drummers’ Collective School.

After subsequently returning to Europe Falavigna then performed in various Cuban and Senegalese groups including Godwana. Falavigna also taught classes and workshops on enhancing drum skills. During this time Falavigna also performed with Brazilian singer Syan Moreno.

Falavigna has also developed an interest in Indian music and he has studied tabla with musician and composer Sri Hanuman. In addition to time spent in Europe, Falavigna has also stayed in India and Canada where he further studied with other tabla masters including Mubarak Khan. In fact, Falavigna has gone on to perform with Indian artists such as G.S. Sachdev, Sri Hanuman, and, e Pandit Mukesh Desai.

Currently, Julio can be found in Rio, Brazil, where he is actively co-producing music and playing drums and in fact, Falavigna has recently recorded four albums with his wife, Bianca Gismonti. In 2019, Falavigna launched a documentary about his life and career named Rhythmic Landscapes. Julio is also an avid student and practitioner of yoga.




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