Matt Skoda

The Next Door Boys

Matt Skoda

Originally from Memphis, Nashville resident, Matthew Skoda, began his drumming about the time he could talk. He got his first drum at two years of age and he was on his way. At four, Matt entered formal lessons at the local church conservatory and furthered his lessons and performance efforts while at School of Rock. This culminated in his first public gig on his ninth birthday at the Hard Rock Cafe in Memphis on Beale Street!

Matthew continued his drumming lessons in addition to his work with the School of Rock until moving to Nashville in 2015. It was there that his music training would be furthered by Jon Hull, who also works with Jason Aldean’s band and lead drummer, Rich Redmond. Greg Upchurch of 3 Doors Down is his drum coach.

Matt formed his band, the Next Door Boys, in January of 2017 and has been gigging since, playing classic and southern rock covers. He recently auditioned and joined two new bands, The Tones and Amplify, with Cedarstone Studios. ​

He is continuing his formal lessons along with the band’s practice sessions that take place weekly in his home studio. He is accelerating his training through additional formal lessons at local drum clinics with drum legends like Rich Redmond of Jason Aldean, Troy Luccketta of Tesla and Todd Sucherman of Styx. And of course, drummer Greg Upchurch of 3 Door Down.

In addition to his drumming, Matthew is working on his production and song writing skills with Grammy winning producer, Steve Bisher and takes vocal lessons at Cedarstone while advancing his drumming and music career.

Message to CANOPUS

Product (Snare Drum) : YAIBA II Birch
After playing the YAIBA II birch kit, I included the 6.5 x 14 snare for gigging. I also ordered an R series snare for my studio kit. I played both at NAMM and locally before placing my orders for my studio and gigging. These snares sound amazing and will break through any environment when played with my band and in studio. From a light touch to a hard rock beat, these snares perform and sound great.

Product (Drum Kit): RFM
The CANOPUS RFM series and the Yaiba II Birch Groove kit were the kits I ordered for my studio and gigging respectively. I had the chance to play everything from the latest R series to the birch and maple kits as well as the ash drums. I remember commenting that these kits made my current kits by another manufacturer sound like trash cans!
The beauty of the CANOPUS drum design and structure, from the wood used to the hardware, is that all these drums have deep resonating lows from the kick and toms and crack through with a clear and striking tone with the snares. I was amazed to see how little attack I had to use to bring out the wonderful buttery tonality of these drums. And when I played in my normal rock style, hitting them hard, the sound was just remarkable.
I am waiting for manufacture and delivery of my new kits and will be recording and playing them out with my band as soon as they come in. As a young drummer, I cannot imagine playing anything else as my career progresses. I am proud to endorse, record and play with my CANOPUS drum kits.
Oh, and it looks like I will be ordering a Yaiba Bop kit soon for the smaller venues we play! CANOPUS, it's what's for drums!