Gabe Garcia/Scott Wiggins Band/Independent

Kyle Schneider

“A modern-day warrior

Mean, mean stride

Today’s Tom Sawyer

Mean, mean pride.” – Rush

Those lyrics and the powerful drumming from Neil Peart rocked Kyle Schneider to the core. Upon seeing the legendary rockers on their 2002 Vapor Trails Tour at the ripe age of ten, Kyle Schnieder knew his destiny was to play drums. Growing up in Spring Branch, Texas, Kyle began playing drums at age ten after taking lessons from both of his Uncles that play. He joined the junior high school band and studied music through his sophomore year in high school, all while playing for his church band every Sunday. By the time high school came around, Kyle was laying it down in garage bands. After high school, Kyle went to college but soon dropped out to focus on music. “I couldn’t find my bearings in school at the time,” he says. Kyle was quickly off touring and recording on the country music scene with bands such as Faithful Texas Band, Chris Salinas & The Wildgrass Band, and the Southern Strangers. During this time, he got a call from Nashville recording artist and NBC Nashville Star runner-up, Gabe Garcia, to go on the road. That was in 2015, and Kyle has been with Gabe ever since, touring around the midwestern United States and Texas. In 2016, Kyle hooked up with Texas artist Scott Wiggins and began drumming for his band, the Scott Wiggins Band. Splitting his time between the two acts, Kyle has recorded one EP with Scott Wiggins and played hundreds of shows with both artists, all while going back to college and completing his BA in Business Marketing in 2019. When he’s not on the road, Kyle also enjoys drumming in the studio and doing fill-in gigs. He believes that is life is always best understood when one understands music. Kyle proudly endorses Paiste Cymbals, Aquarian Drumheads, Porter & Davies Drum Thrones, and Vic Firth Drumsticks





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This Limited 30 Block Caribbean Rosewood drum is in incredible! It can be tuned super low for a deep, massive sound (think "Rumors" or Stan Lynch snare sound); or can go all the way up to borderline gunshot sound (think Stewart Copeland); or anywhere in between! Truly a masterpiece from Canopus!


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