Ryan Upchurch / DJ vs DRUMZ (DJ CliffyD vs Kidd)


Kidd is currently most renowned for his work as the original, and current drummer for UPCHURCH. Where you are most likely to see him at an arena, or in a music video with Ryan, Kidd has built an eclectic and thorough musical history over the years.
Since being a small child, Jason “Kidd” Petersen has chased mastering various forms of percussion. It started with an obsession with orchestral and marching percussion under the instruction of Julie Davila. He toured with a drum corps throughout Europe, played hand percussion at Carnegie Hall, achieved 3rd in the PASIC nationals as a snare drum soloist, and taught students and drum lines privately all before the age of 18. After an ambitious schedule with Rock/EDM fusion band, Kidsonik, he then shifted his ambitions into further studying drum set and world music, touring the east coast in various bands as a drum set artist and percussionist focusing on Indian & Afro-Beat music. Next, he was touring simultaneously with a highly regarded Led Zeppelin tribute band, as well as with DJ’s performing EDM duos at electronic raves and festivals. Kidd has performed and/or recorded with various artists including, but not limited to, Upchurch, Yelawolf, The Last Straw, Alexander King, Giant Lima, Jellyroll, The Incredible Heat Machine, Agee Colored Karma, Chopstixxx, and DJ vs Drumz (DJ Cliffy D & Kidd). Kidd’s drumming has done very well on the Billboard charts on albums such as “CREEKER II”, by Upchurch.
Kidd is currently focused on building his brand as a social media drummer, and continuing his growth with Upchurch with sold out arena shows and over 100 million views on the YouTube music videos he can be seen performing in with Upchurch.  






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