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Jimmy Macbride

Jimmy Macbride

Jimmy Macbride is a drummer/composer based in New York City. He has performed with a wide variety of artists including Herbie Hancock, Terence Blanchard, Wynton Marsalis, Kenny Barron, Jimmy Greene, and Adam Rogers. Coming from an artistic family (his father is a composer and mother is a visual artist), Jimmy began playing drums at age 3 and gravitated toward jazz music at an equally young age. Jimmy is a recent graduate of The Juilliard School, where he studied privately with Carl Allen, Billy Drummond and Kenny Washington. He is a regular performer throughout New York City, performing at such venues as Dizzy’s Club Coca-Cola, Smalls, The Jazz Gallery, and The Blue Note. His musical talents have also taken him worldwide, touring across Europe, Asia, and North America. Jimmy has also appeared at some of the world’s most famous venues, including the Monterey Jazz Festival, North Sea Jazz Festival, and Newport Jazz Festival, among others. He performs regularly with different groups including Nir Felder, Samora Pinderhughes’ Transformations Suite, Lucas Pino’s Nonet, Nick Finzer’s Hear & Now, and the Roxy Coss Quintet. In addition, he can be seen playing with many of New York’s most creative and forward-thinking artists, including Lage Lund, Ben Street, Kevin Hays, Fabian Almazan, Melissa Aldana, Matt Brewer, Michael Rodriguez, and Dayna Stephens, among many others. He is also an active recording artist, appearing on over 20 albums to date.

Message to CANOPUS

16 Strand Vintage Wires:
I installed the 16 strand Vintage snare wire on one of my drums and I’m really happy with how it sounds. The wires really helped the drum open up more, while still maintaining full response and sensitivity at all dynamic levels. With those wires installed, the drum never sounds choked, no matter what room or situation I’m playing in.

Speed Master Bearing:
I installed the Speed Master bearing on a Camco pedal I use regularly and I’m really happy with it and honestly surprised at what a difference it made in the feel of the pedal. It’s smoother and quieter now and allows me to focus on playing as opposed to worrying about the equipment.

Bolt Tight :
I installed Bolt Tight washers on one of my drums and it improved the sound immensely while also making the drum easier to tune and help keep its tuning.

20 Strand Vintage Snare Wires :
Canopus Vintage snare wires will enhance the sound of any snare drum enormously – adding increased depth, sensitivity and dynamic range. I use them on all of my snare drums and cannot recommend them enough.