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Chris Poudrier

Chris Poudrier

Not limited or bound to a specific genre Chris Poudrier’s talent, passion, dedication, and musicality afford him the luxury to play all styles at a very inspiring level.
Poudrier graduated from UMASS Amherst with a Bachelor’s Degree in Music Education Cum Laude.
Endorsements include Canopus Drums, and Regal Tip Drum Products. In addition to drum set professor at The University of Massachusetts Dartmouth he is also the musical director for the UMASS Dartmouth Latin-Jazz “ Vision” Ensemble.
Poudrier has been called upon several times as Guest Faculty for The Berklee College of Music’s Annual Percussion Festival.
Poudrier’s work is documented on many recordings and he can be seen performing live in the greater Boston/ New England area weekly most notably with The Jim Robitaille Group.
Chris’s prowess extends beyond the drumming world where he is an active composer, a skilled Irish Bodhran player, and an Irish Uilleann Piper.

Products in use

Hammered Bronze Snare Drum

"the canopus hand hammered bronze 5.5X14 snare drum is sublime. very crisp and clean. certainly one of the best snares i've played and completely versatile."

The Maple Snare Drum

M-1455 (Natural Oil)


18"x14"BD, 12"x8"TT, 14"x13"FT (Bitter Brown Oil)
18"x14"BD, 12"x8"TT, 14"x13"FT (Natural Oil)

"a visually stunning set with meticulous craftsmanship. and the sound is unrivaled. the resonance and tone are simply incredible. i feel like they almost play themselves. if you don't check the Canopus RFM drums out you don't know what you're missing."