Hiromu Seifert

Hiromu Seifert (*17.11.1991 in Berlin) was born into musical surroundings and started playing drums in his early childhood by intuitively memorizing his favourite albums as well as whole symphonies and playing along with these recordings.
Soon, he would start to create his own music by using a simple tape recorder and whatever “instrument” he could find at home. Luckily, his mom ended this chaos by getting him his first drum set and a bit later he joined an African percussion group which later became a big part of his rhythmic foundation.

Hiromu had the privilege to receive a broad range of music training and played extensively at a young age, also winning the 1st
Bundespreis at German Youth competition “jugend musiziert” as well as prizes at “jugend jazzt” as well as appearing in TV.
At age 15 he discovered the freedom of jazz music and was so fascinated by it that two years later he took a flight to New York with his saved earnings.

Now, part of the vibrant, innovative Berlin music scene, Hiromu has had the pleasure of working with artists & composers like Nils Landgren, Greg Cohen, Andi Toma (Mouse on Mars), Hani Mojtahedi, Manos Tsangaris, Robyn Schulkowsky and many more.

The need to express himself through music is guiding him on his path and Hiromu is involved in projects of styles as different as jazz, hip hop, electronic, world or classical music.

Hiromu has performed in Europe, Asia and the Middle East at festivals like enjoyjazzfestival, Klarafestival, umbriajazz and his compositions have been played at venues like Konzerthaus Berlin and Martin-Gropius Bau and most recently won him the doppelpunkt 2022 composition prize of the city of Hamburg.




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NV60-M1 Snare Drum

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