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Bohemian Betyars

Daniel Danko

I started to play drums when I was 9 years old, taught by the best Hungarian teachers/musicians.
I played my first European tour as a drummer when I was 14.

In 2015 I joined the band called Bohemian Betyars, which has gained success ever since their songs and music videos are presented on every field of the media. From the Baltic Sea to the Atlantic Ocean, in the last couple of years this real powerboost band made the audience dance about a thousand times.
As a member of Bohemian Betyars I perform in many European, Asian, and American clubs and festival’s big or main stages.
With Bohemian Betyars we have about 100 concerts all around the World every year.

I have been teaching for years in one of the best equipped drum schools in Budapest called ‘RitmusDepo Dobsuli’.









Message to CANOPUS

Product (Snare Drum) : Zelkova
I have known for years that I much prefer metal snares to wooden ones.
When I first had the opportunity to play a Zelkova snare, this changed immediately.
This instrument has the hardness that I've always been looking for, but it still has softness and sensitivity that comes from the wood.
Zelkova is the best snare drum I've ever played on.

Product : BackBeat Snare Wire 42
The question is often asked: how can you make your snare drum better?
I think the answer is very simple: put a Canopus snare wire on it.
If you do this, your weaker instrument will become good and your good instrument will become perfect.

Product : Bolt Tight
I'm the kind of drummer who plays pretty hard most of the time.
I've struggled a lot to find a way to prevent the screws from constantly loosening.
Since I've been using the bolt tight, I don't have that problem.
And the bolt tight with the added bonus of red lock...
The only one more secure solution would be to glue them. :)


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Vintage Snare Wire



TK-1 Tuning Key Holder