Eric Ching

Eric Ching

Eric Ching is a drummer who plays the spectrum from traditional New Orleans music through straight-ahead and modern jazz. He recently studied Music Education at New York University where he had strong classical training and developed a refined sound. His playing can be described as dynamic and responsive while still dripping with blues feeling. He tries to do everything with a high level of authenticity without coming across as derivative.

He currently plays with Robbie Laws(award winning blues guitarist), Charlie Porter(international jazz trumpet player), Heather Keizur(jazz vocalist), Paula Byrne(jazz vocalist), and more. Aside from his devout love for music, he enjoys drinking coffee, shooting pool, keeping up with the NBA, and cooking.

Message to CANOPUS

The Maple :
The Maple has a timeless look, flawless construction, and a sound that can't be matched. I will definitely be holding onto this drum for the rest of my life.

YAIBA II Bop Kit :
While it may be a "budget" kit, it gets tons of compliments and sounds better than the higher end kits from other companies.

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