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Daniel Baeder

Daniel Baeder

Canopus artist and internationally recognized drummer, producer, arranger, composer and multi-instrumentalist, Daniel Baeder Sagioratto (a native of Brazil) began his music career at the very young age of 4 when he started on piano while taking classes and actually composing his own music. At age 11, the multi-lingual Baeder got his first drum set and at age 12 he started playing professionally. At age 14 Baeder was teaching in the largest then music school in Osasco (Brazil), and at age 18 this multi-talented artist participated in the biggest drum festival in Brazil commonly referred to as the “Batuka.” From there, Baeder’s career continued to excel as he was awarded the “Best Drum Student” trophy from Vera’s Figueiredo Drum Institute (1996). At age 19, Baeder then joined the well-known rock fusion band “O Terco” which then took Baeder on an extensive tour throughout Brazil. Baeder would then go on to record with O Terco as well.
In continuing to build an impressive body of work, Baeder has also appeared in many drum festivals around the world, participated in numerous recording sessions and, composed various musical compositions. He has also made various television/tour appearances with such well-known Brazilian artists as Silvinha Araujo, Eduardo Luke, Eduardo Araujo, and Luiza Possi. Baeder has also received wide critical acclaim for his long running work with Cirque du Soleil’s production entitled OVO where he acted not only as the band leader but also as the drummer for the production and he also served as musical arranger and musical director. (In fact, in 2016 Baeder was awarded the “Superior” title as bandleader for OVO).
In addition to excelling as a performer Baeder has also mastered the application and use of various software programs in his various roles including Ableton Live, Logic, Pro tools, Cubase, Photoshop, Final Cut and, Lemur.
Currently, Baeder is a resident of Japan and he continues to perform throughout the country with such marque artists as Kuriya Makoto, Ono Lisa, Kimura Marcelo and Nakada Miho. He has also recently debuted his electronic music release of Roxanne (The Police) with Fantine Tho. Baeder is also the owner of Manda Records.




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