Germain Cornet 5tet

Germain Cornet

Germain Cornet

Born in 1991, Germain Cornet started playing drums at the age of 15 but it was only two years later that he discovered jazz.

Influenced by Swing and Be-bop music, he learned drums from Charles Bellonzi and studied at the National Conservatory of Music and Dance in Paris.

Accompanying great musicians like Tamir Hendelman, Harry Allen, Nicolas Bearde, Mandy Gaines; he plays regulary in Parisian jazz clubs such as “Le Duc des Lombard”, “Sunset-Sunside”, “Caveau de la Huchette” … and in jazz festivals such as “Jazz à Vienne”, “Saint- Emilion Jazz Festival “,” Sancy Snow Jazz “…

Since summer 2015, he became the disciple of Jeff Hamilton that he met at the “Centrum Jazz Workshop” in Port Townsend (USA).

Germain Cornet

Germain Cornet


Germain Cornet



Message to CANOPUS

Product (Snare Drum) : Zelkova
This snare drum is an incredible high-tech instrument.
Extremly polyvalent, the instrument responds and sounds great as much in pianissimo as in fortissimo.

Unique sound that perfectly fits my style of playing.
I'm a snare rudiments lover and to me this snare gives a unique feeling of clarity and sweet sound.

Product (Drum Kit): NV60-M1
This is the best jazz drum kit I have ever played.
First, the instrument is magnificiant.
Whatever the tuning, with sticks, brushes, mallets or hands, the sound of the drum kit is amazing.
Perfect balance between definition of the stroke and the beauty of the resonance.
Easy to have a warm and powerful sound.


Products in use

Neo Vintage NV60-M1

14X18 BD
8X12 TT
14X14 FT
Red Sparkle Wrap


12X15 BD
7X10 TT
12X13 FT
Bitter Brown Oil

NV60-M1 Snare Drum

Red Sparkle