Costas ”LÎO” Liolios

Born in a family of musicians, Costas begun playing percussions from the early age of 4. Being the classic example of the player explorer, Costas grew playing with lots of different kinds of bands evolving within different genres.
He graduated from the Agostini music school in france in 1998
From the age of 16 he has been quite active in his live playing through collaborations with the most esteemed performing artists in the Greek music industry, some being internationally acknowledged like Helena Paparizou, Anna Vissi etc.
His session playing in Greek discography exceeds hundred albums.
He participated in the closing ceremony of the 2004 Olympic Games, playing live with a few of the greatest artists of the country.
Along with his session playing and live performances he now gives seminars to ambitious young drummers sharing his knowledge and experience with future talented players.

Products in use


Green Sparkle Wrap
20 x 15 BD
22 x 15 BD
8 x 6.5 TT
10 x 7 TT
12 x 8 TT
14 x 13 FT
16 x 15 FT

NV60-M1 Snare Drum

Green Sparkle Wrap
14 x 5.5

The Maple Snare Drum

Bitter Brown Oil
14 x 6.5