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Carmine Appice

Brooklyn native and long-time Canopus endorser, Carmine Appice, is a legend in the music business. Appice has performed and/or recorded with so many marque acts including Rod Stewart, Beck, Vanilla Fudge, Ozzy Osbourne, Paul Stanley, Ted Nugent, Bogert & Appice, Blue Murder, Cactus, Carmine Appice’s Guitar Zeus, Hear ‘n Aid, KGB, King Kobra, Marty Friedman, Mother’s Army, Pappo, and, Travers & Appice, just to name a few. Appice has also been recognized for his songwriting talents as he was co-credited with contributing on two of Rod Stewart’s mega hits; Da Ya Think I’m Sexy? (from the album Blondes Have More Fun (1978)), and, Young Turks(from the album Tonight I’m Yours (1981)).

Appice has also been the recipient of various awards including being inducted into the Classic Drummer Hall Of Fame (2013) and also the Modern Drummer Hall of Fame (2014). In addition to his iconic talents as a performer, for decades Appice’s presence as a teacher has left its mark on drummers around the world through his epic instructional book, The Realistic Rock Drum Method (originally published in 1972, it has been re-issued as The Ultimate Realistic Rock Drum Method). In fact, Appice has been acknowledged as influencing subsequent marque performers including Nicko McBrain, Joey Kramer, and Roger Taylor, just to name a few.

Mr. Appice uses Canopus snare wires and lug locks.