[NEW PRODUCT] Black Nickel Brass II

Black Nickel Brass II Snare Drum BB2-1465

Highly anticipated Black Nickel Brass snare drum is re-released!! This 2nd edition comes with center beaded 1.5mm thickness shell and with 10 lugs.

[Product Description]

The 1.5mm-thick brass shell gives a much more solid sound than its appearance may suggest – providing the perfect blend of rich depth, balanced mid-low frequencies and great projection.
Its sound far exceeds expectations for this type of snare – and meets all the demands of today’s music scene.

It comes standard with a baseball bat-type, 3-position inner muffler for enhanced playability and a variety of personalized sounds.
The sound is the result of a perfect balance of shell material and thickness, bearing edge design and lapel length. It is undoubtedly going to be a hit with many players.

Black Nickel Brass II Snare Drum

Available from Feb. 21st, 2023