Na Hoku Hanohano Award, also known as “Hawaiian Grammys”, is the award that recognizes influential artists, composers, performers in Hawaiian music scene since 1978.

Legendary Hawaiian drummer Harold Chang, who recently became a part of CANOPUS family as an endorser, was awarded Lifetime Achievement Award this year. It is considered as the most honorable award among all musicians in Hawaii.

Harold and CANOPUS has been related over 30 years and now we started our new endorsement relationships. We are very pleased and honored to see Harold playing CANOPUS drums on this memorable stage.

The following is a story that our CEO, Shinichi Usuda told about the relationship with Harold.

Harold Chang

Harold Chang was the drummer of Arthur Lyman Group, which is best known for making the tune “Yellow Bird” worldwide hit. I happened to met him in Hawaii back in 1984, while I was there on my honeymoon.

He was working at Harry’s Music which was the most well known music store in Hawaii back then. Our company started import business with DW, RIMS and Sota with an introduction from people at Harry’s Music including Harold.

We actually lost contact with him for a number of years. However, when our company got distributorship agreement with BEATO, I got re-introduced to Harold by Jeff Porcaro’s father, Joe Porcaro at their corporate party. Since then, we hang out and have dinner together every year at NAMM show.

Harold used to use CANOPUS booth as his base at NAMM every year. He is always pleased with our products, but we did not have an endorsement deal for some reason. “I don’t need a new drum set since I don’t perform as much as I used to, but will recommend CANOPUS to my students”, as Harold said, he placed orders with us for his students every once in a while.

We lost chances to see each other every year because he actually stopped coming to NAMM. However, he had chance to stop by at our factory last year. Oddly enough, back in May this year, I happened to have 8 hour stopover in Hawaii on the way to Los Angles for Vintage Drum Show. While waiting for my next flight, Harold kindly invited me to his house, and also took me around town.

At that time, I offered Harold to use CANOPUS drums for he told me that he had recently started to play drums regularly again. He kindly accepted my offer. Actually, he got the news that he was going to be received Na Hoku
Hanohano Award while the brand new CANOPUS kit was on its way. It made the debut with him on this honorable stage.

I must say that it is our fate to work together.