Tutty Moreno

In my long relationship with Canopus -since the very first time, when I went to the small old factory and was introduced to Zelkova snare (Canopus’ only original product by then, circa 1988) – I’ve never had the slightest doubt about the quality that came from the ideas (and ideals) of Shinichi Usuda-san, founder and president of the company.

When the first R.F.M. Maple came up, I had the honor of being the first foreign drummer to test it and obtain it. That’s a set that I will keep with me for my whole life. The new Yaiba series keeps the high Canopus level standards and was specifically designed to provision the needs of the difficult economic times the whole planet now endures. It is perfect for the kind of music I make (samba-jazz), but it is also perfect for any musical situation. As I use to say: Canopus, no doubt, is the future today.