Steve Rubin

I have the great fortune to now play a set of Canopus NV-M1 drums.
This is a wonderful musical instrument.
As a lifetime (40+ years) of owning Gretsch, and having studied with Mel Lewis , we know what they used. Had Canopus been on the scene back then I have no doubt that it would have been defined as the quintessential jazz drum kit. While the NV-M1 is promoted as a jazz players drums, I find as someone that plays other styles that the kit is far more versatile .
The snare drum is magnificent, warm, but dynamic when needed. The 18″ bass drum can tune up high for that jazz sound or tuned down with a touch of muffle to give you some funk when you need it.
The toms are open and warm or tight and “Brian Blade like” as you need . What occurred to me during my first gig with them was that I was playing a high quality musical instrument. And while we all know that what you play is what matters most, having a quality instrument to make your statement can go a long way.
Oh and yes, visually it’s a classy high end looking set of drums.