Lee Ruff

Your line of snare wires is absolutely great. It’s quite obvious that you have done extensive experimenting in the development of your line of snare wires. I can remember when I was touring back in the 60s, how snare wires were designed. Many drummers today still put the “old” wires on a “new” snare drum from any of the drum companies. Those old wires, if you can find them in usable condition, can sweeten up just about any snare drum. For years I have been looking for fresh, new wires that have those same qualities. Your company has answered that calling. Your “Vintage” wires are even better than those old 60s wires. The thin end pieces and wire with just the right number of coils per inch and tension, are simply the best I’ve ever heard. I love your unplated, “Vintage” snares for acoustic jazz. Your “Backbeat” wires are equally impressive to me, when playing funky rock, soul, jazz fusion or big band. Congratulations to your company for a job well done!