Don Berman

Since my RFM drums arrived I have played them in a number of different situations, and they have delighted me on each occasion. I need drums that deliver great sound at all dynamic levels and these drums do so. I can sincerely say tnat tney are the finest instruments I have ever played. The set feels to me like it is alive and breathes! I can play it at a light whisper and I get the same quality tone as when I really lay into the drums in louder areas of the music I play. I have never played a drum set that is so responsive, even at very low dynamic levels. After playing the RFM’s for a while now, I have witnessed what I read about the way they arer designed and built. The shells are constructed in such a way in such a way that each drum responds and speaks as well as the others. They belong and balance with each other like a family. My RFM’s are I all I could ask for. Thank you, Canopus!