Dana Fitzsimons

The kit has arrived and I am knocked out. They open up with the lightest touch and it makes me want to play softer. They are super light in weight but deliver the best of the tone of the great vintage drums – but brought up to date. The attention to detail is amazing. Fit and finish are perfect; bearing edges and stain all perfectly even. They tune easily. The stock heads are exceptional. There’s a transparency to the tone that will make it easier to play and blend with other players. The brass lugs are all class. Under the mics the drums are a dream.

The Hybrid II throne is fantastic – lighter weight, as strong as those heavy thrones we all hate dragging around, and with a natural hemp cover that will be great for long gigs. The Speed Star bearings for pedals are the truth! I’ve played my Camco pedal stock since 1988. When I added the Speed Star bearing, it made my workhorse pedal quieter, more responsive, more efficient, and smoother. Such an easy way to improve your favorite pedal.