Phenol Fiber Piccolo Snare Drum

Phenol Fiber Piccolo Snare Drum


This product has been discontinued.



Great Presence with Remarkable Sound

The phenol fiber shell is made from layered craft paper and phenol resin. It is a particularly stable material – demonstrating remarkable consistency and a high resistance to moisture. We originally found that, while extremely consistent, its basic sound quality was limited and lacked versatility. In our efforts to overcome this, our research led us to investigate the effect of heat curing upon phenol resin. We developed a unique treatment which hardens the outer layers of the shell to a particular depth – providing optimum vibration and resonance.The result is a totally original sound _ distinctly different to anything that wood or metal shells can offer. The PF series produces a strong attack and a deep sound which blends perfectly in any ensemble. Its wide tuning and dynamic range, combined with effortless tuning, allows drummers to easily and completely express their ideal snare drum sound.