NV70-M4 Snare Drum


The Magic of 2:1

NV70M4S-1465 14"x6.5" BUY NOW
Japanese Sword Separate Lug
Round Edge Hoop (Top : 12 hole / Bottom : 6 hole)
Vintage Snare Wire [CPSL-14DR]
5ply Maple + Poplar
Superior Maple Lacquer

Be Conspicuous

NEO VINTAGE M4 is based upon the technology and specifications of some outstanding drum designs from the 1970s. Its unique design features 12 tension rods on top and 6 on the bottom. A 5 ply maple and thicker poplar shell construction, and Canopus’ precision bearing edge shaping, combine to create a characteristically “mellow and dry” vintage sound. With these specifications – providing a blend of tight attack and a comfortable, loose reverberation, it is a totally unique instrument. Certainly, this conspicuous sound will be highly prized and sought-after by a great many drummers.

Neo Vintage Snare Drum NV70M4S-1465


Neo Vintage Snare Drum NV70-M4 Snare Wire
Vintage Snare Wire [CPSL-14DR]
brings out the potential of your snare drum and allows you to express more with pianissimo sound.
More Detail
Neo Vintage Snare Drum NV70-M4 Bolt Tight
Bolt Tight
Makes the Tension Rods Smoother. No More Loose Tension Rods. No More Unwanted Overtones. More Overall Tones from Drums.
More Detail
Neo Vintage Snare Drum NV70-M4 Hoop
Round Edge Hoop (12 Hole + 6 Hole)
Round edge hoops emphasize the high pitched overtones and generate a powerful attack. This hoop has a “stick saver” type of shape – which provides a more focused sound and a shorter sustain.
Neo Vintage NV70-M4 Snare Drum Shell
5Ply Maple+Poplar 9mm
Neo Vintage Snare Drum NV70-M4 Japanese Sword Separate Lug
Japanese Sword (YAIBA) Separate Lug
Japanese Sword Lug has been manufactured with sound and weight in mind,
Neo Vintage NV70-M4 Snare Drum Strainer
Snare Wire Strainer
A nylon nut is built in the strainer switch CSA-20S.
Canopus’ switch is so designed to prevent “loosening of snare wire” during the performance by creating moderate friction on the tension adjustment dial by the torque controlled nylon nut.


Drum Gear Review
Drum Gear Review

Not long ago, we took a look at the Canopus Yoshihito Eto signature snare drum (go check out the review and watch the video – excellent drum). In that same shipment, the good people at Canopus were nice enough to ship over two drums from their Neo Vintage series. Each of the snares in this series recalls a notable vintage drum design or aesthetic, but updates it with modern appointments. Really, they all seem a little outside the box conceptually – in a cool way.

Jotan Afanador
Jotan Afanador (Aventura)

Neo Vintage Snare Drum has a very unique sound and look! It defines its self as one of a kind very powerful, bright but yet warm and sweet very articulate and sensitive from slow to fast at any rang of dynamics and style! It can be any sound you want it to be and beyond. Neo Vantage snare drums is a perfection with a wide tuning range that has unless possibilities. "bringing you the old school vintage sound to the new era"