1ply Walnut Snare Drum

1ply Walnut Snare Drum


SSWN-1455 (14"x5.5")
Die-Cast / 8
Vintage Snare Wire
1ply Walnut
Oil / Wrapping / Lacquer

This product has been discontinued.



Well-balanced fusion of rich low frequency sound and crisp sound

The sound character of walnut is mellow and dry.Resonance after the attack is short, but the sound is very sharp. The sound seems as though it has already been equalized. The rim shot of a Walnut snare has an amazing crack that many feel is superior to those of other shell materials. This superior crack makes walnut the perfect material for music with big-band style set up figures and also for fusion.

What is 1ply Series?

When we look back on the history of snare drums we see a transition of crafting techniques. From hollowed one piece shell, to 1 ply shell, to plywood shell with reinforcement, plywood shell without reinforcement, and then block shell construction. Though this transition was in the pursuit of efficiency, each method of construction has resulted in a different sound.

Through Canopus’ research into the various combinations of materials, number of plies, and reinforcement we have continued to introduce a variety of new drums.

With the Zelkova snare drum Canopus has presented the ultimate sound for a one piece, hollowed shell. The notable characteristics of a 1-ply shell are a deep sound and pure tone. It has been a new challenge for Canopus to take advantage of these qualities and create new instruments displaying the diverse sound character of different wood materials.