Modern Drummer

Product Close-Up
Canopus Yaiba II Maple, Yaiba II Birch, and Black-Nickel Brass Snares

A trio of top-notch drums to cover all your bases.

Canopus is one of the premier boutique drum manufacturers in Japan, specializing in reinventing classic designs from the past and refining contemporary drum construction methods. The Yaiba II series is the company’s foray into a more affordable price point and includes a limited but practical range of professional-grade maple and birch drumsets and snares. We were sent 6.5×14 6-ply maple and birch Yaiba II snares to review ($350 each), as well as a sleek 6.5×14 black-nickel brass ($724.07) with Canopus’s new thirty-strand Back Beat wires ($50). Let’s check them out.

Michael Dawson