Wayne Henderson

Wayne Henderson

Wayne Henderson began playing drums at the age of eight and later studied with Joe Cusatis, Barry Greenspon and Jesse Hameen. He later on taught drums at Frederick Douglass Academy. He has performed with The Harlem Renaissance Orchestra, The John Peek Orchestra, The Cotton ClubOrchestra and for the off Broadway play “A Brief History of White Music”. He has also played with a host of renowned and talented artists such as Fred Mcfarlane, Dinah Vero, John Colianni, Jon Weber, Danny Mixon, Dave Janeway, Emme Kemp, Jim Holton, Melvin Sparks, George Benson, Teddy Royal, J.C Stylles, Seleno Clarke, Radam Schwartz, Noriko Kamo, Jimmy “Preacher” Robins, Reuben Wilson, Bobby Forrester, Dennis Springer, Jerry Weldon, Nat Dixon, Josh Bruneau, Nick Biello, Peter Valera, Bill Easley, Rocky Middleton, Jimmy Cammack, Lee W. Smith, JJ Jackson, Irene Reid, Pat Tandy, Eunice Newkirk, Arthur Prysock, Cynthia Holiday, Audrey Shakir, Annette St. John, The Chiffons & Mr. Tony Middleton.



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