Thomas Delor

Thomas Delor

Nationality : France

Thomas Delor (born in 1987 in Nice) is a French jazz drummer and composer currently residing in Paris. Formerly teacher of mathematics, he is a self-taught musician with a great sense of musicality, famous for his unique, expressive, and individual style, mixing finesse, intensity, sensitivity, and complexity. He bases his work principally on listening, interplay, and a quest for sonority.
His taste for playing in small bands developed as a means to approach the instrument both rhythmically and diatonically.
Apart from the projects he is currently involved with as a sideman, Thomas Delor is the leader of a trio, he has a solo project where all the possibilities of the instrument are on the first place, as well as the “Chamber Metropolitan Trio”.



Message to CANOPUS

First time I played a Canopus drum kit was during a tour in Japan: I radically fell in love with the warmth, the depth and the precision of the sound. No doubt about it, these drums are unique!
I’m really glad and proud to be a member of the Canopus family!