Rafi Muhammad

Early Chilhood

Started out his music carrier by the time he was 8 years old. One of his childhood album called “Can’t stop the beat” was recorded in LA and produced by Harvey Mason with the contributions of several international jazz musicians.

Rafi also received several awards from MURI (National’s Record Museum of Indonesia). One of his the first one is “The youngest musician to perform at Java Jazz Festival”. He also had the concert along with the other notable Indonesian musicians, GIlang Ramadhan and Benny Mustafa. In which he represents as the youngest drummer,

Later on 2009, Rafi became the youngest producer in Indonesia at that time. He formed “Rafi and the beat” and released their first album called “From our soul”. Nevertheless, he also worked with Indra Lesmana as his mentor, as well as Barry Likumahuwa in LLW project. Years later, he formed another band called “Art of Tree”.


His latest on 2017 project called “Rafi Muhammad Trio” along with Adra Karim on keys and Taufan Wirzon on base. The album “Transition” was first released in Japan under the management of AMSA Records Japan. Several tours have been performed around Japan including Motion Blue Yokohama. As for now, He is one of exclusive artist for Canopus Drums.

Message to CANOPUS

The Maple :
One of the best i have ever used. Easy to adjust and the sound is quite deep. I really like it.

Very satisfied with this kit. The sound is very versatile. So I can easily play it with different kind of musics. The sound is dry for me to play jazz and also compatible to play hiphop with this or whenever i want to plat vintage sound music, it’s suits well.


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The Maple Snare Drum

Solid Black Lacquer