Philipp Scholz

philipp scholz by antje kroeger (29 von 34)

Philipp Scholz – musician and composer
– born in 1990
-student at Dresden and Leipzig
-winner of the jazzcompetition „Jugend Jazzt“ in 2007
-winner of different solo achievement
-in 2014 he won the „ Neuer Münchner Jazzpreis“
-toured in: India, USA, Poland; Latvia, Finland, Austria, Switzerland, France, Portugal
-worked with and learned from: Werner Neumann,
Heinrich Köbberling, Rudi Mahall, Pablo Held
Hayden Chisholm, Jürgen Friedrich, Uli Kempendorff,
Yves Theiler, Johannes Enders, Chris Pitsiokos, Claudio Puntin

Currently playing with:
PLOT, Spielvereinigung Sued, Jindrich Staidel Combo, Duo with Nora Gomringer ( Wort+Drum+Dran )
Works with his own Band called: Philipp Scholz Flam




Message to CANOPUS

I love them. 4 years ago I heard my first Canopus set. I played some of the drums/sets. I can´t believe that a drumset can make the music flow like a Canopus does. I find those drums most inspiring. Doesn´t matter if it´s rock, Pop, Latin or Jazz music. Wonderful!!!